Private House Cladding

Every inch counts...

Cladding – Protect your home from the ravages of the UK’s weather by using robust PVC and uPVC cladding.

Invest in uPVC cladding and you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve installed long term protection for your home, improved its appearance, and increased its value.

The job of cladding is to protect your home’s walls, roof rafters, and joists, no matter what Britain’s weather throws at them.

The alternative is to continually repaint and repair exposed timber. Not only is this extremely time consuming but also very expensive, especially if you need to employ a decorator. As lifestyles become more hectic, finding the time to concentrate on a continuous cycle of home maintenance becomes increasingly difficult. The problem is, of course, that your home is a vital asset and needs to be protected.

A Wall Cladding system, which is custom created from materials designed and installed to the highest quality standards and industry specification can improve a building’s energy efficiency and lower running costs, by: 

  • Increasing thermal insulation
  • Reducing air leakage
  • Increasing natural daylight

SVMK has extensive experience in advising clients on material selection and careful detailing, which is key to ensuring that every project looks fantastic, and meets its performance objectives.

If you require a species that isn’t mentioned please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements

SVMK will make sure that every inch of your house is protected!

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